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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Bridesmaid Dresses for Maid of Honor Group

At the beginning, the traditional custom is to choose just one bridesmaid, while, it is quite different among these year. Bridesmaids show as a group, which consist of 3-5 unmarried woman, usually are bride's best friends or dear sisters. They wear the same color, but not same style bridesmaid dresses, it has become a outstanding landscape at the wedding.

Bridesmaid dresses for the wedding are often told to be light or deep color, as simple as they can. This rules do not work too much now. Who says bridesmaid dresses can not be bright color! In recent year, bright color bridesmaid dresses are more and more welcomed, it has been a trend for wedding!

You will never know the bright color can bring what fantastic effect, if you even do not try.

Of course, bright color bridesmaid dresses are the best and first choice for a group, not for single, remember this!


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