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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Alena Goretskaya Princess Wedding Dresses

Just one sight, you fall in deep love with Alena Goretskaya wedding dresses, why, due to the dream of princess in your heart from the beginning. Alena Goretskaya design is based on the idea of little princess theme. All of her arts are willing to show up a beautiful and a little shy girl.
Look at her design, white light flowing fabric, creative design details, perfect fitted cut, totally a true princess gown, romantic and fantastic.
Girl dressed in Alena Goretskaya white wedding gown, stand there, on the background, which is like a foggy fairyland, this is just an image of paradise. Model is like an angel sent from the above, brilliant and drama, just an ideological level every girl seek for.


  1. hi, did you sell all this Alena Goretska wedding gown?

    1. dear Cherrybaby,
      we don't sell designer wedding gown, but we accept custom! you can send email to us, with the wedding dress photo and your right size! our email address or just contact us at: