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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

J. Mendel wedding dresses

J. Mendel is a household brand in France. And it is also famous all the world in luxury dresses brand.
J. Mendel wedding dresses

J. Mendel dresses are always worn by Hollywood actress or some rich women who love fashion stylish and luxurious brand. It wins due to the design and high brand quality!

J. Mendel designer Gilles Mendel who was born in Paris has insisted on the fur and excellent tailoring skills, now active in the New York designers, and also has their own unique ideas.

J. Mendel wedding dresses, although not well-known as Vera Wang or ML, it is welcomed by fashion field too! Its simple unique and stylish design wins its own fans! Like Taylor Swift, she worn J. Mendel lace dresses at New York Metropolitan Museum of Art 2011, she was so amazed that day! You can do it as well!


  1. Do you have the dress you have up top for sale? Who is the designer and what is the dress called?

  2. @DevonFlaskerud
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