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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Beach themed wedding

Summer is a very good season for beach wedding! But not at the hottest month. New couples love to hold beach themed wedding at summer. They enjoy the beach, the blue sea, the soft wind and the white sand. All of these elements form a romantic wedding scene.

Beach themed wedding is easy to hold. Prepare for the following; create your own beach style wedding ceremony.

The beach
European couples are very lucky; they have a lot of beautiful beach to choose from. I suggest the Florida beach. It is very clean and romantic, if you get this chance to hold your wedding there, do not miss it!!!

Wedding theme Colors
Blue & white is the first choice. But if at the early summer, you can also use light green and white, these two colors are perfect partners for each other.

Wedding flowers decorations
This has many choices. I prefer white lily, Calla lilies, with green leaves best! Red roses are ok, too, if you like to bright color.

Wedding Invitations
Beach themed wedding, it is idea for using blue starfish or shells decorations for your wedding invitations. Nothing is better than that.

Wedding Cake
If your wedding themed color is blue, this blue white starfish shells wedding cake is just for you! If you prefer simple yet elegant color cake, just choose pure white wedding cake decorated with a little light color flowers. That would be beautiful, too!

Wedding Dresses
Beach wedding dress is easy to choose! Remember the style should be simple, not too luxury, you are not at a church; not too long skirt train, it is not convenient to walk on a beach. But you can wear long veil, they will be flying in the wind. How romantic it will be!

Wedding Shoes
I suggest the minimalist shoes. But I think you’d better not wear shoes. Just run at the beach!

Hope these things I suggest above could do have some help for your wedding. You may get some creative ideas now! Hope you have a wonderful beach themed wedding!


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